The new as5 convertible from the tuner abbot

The new as5 convertible from the tuner abbot

Kempten, 25. May 2009 – tuner abt has made the new audi a5 cabrio. The result was obtained from the elegant line of the ingolstatter – despite typical abbst features such as the four-tube exhaust system. The barbecue was also modified at the front: the area around the headlights and the fog lamps is also emphasized. Even prussate does the as5 look through a new front-rugged and changed side skirts.

19 or 20 inches of rough rims

The exhaust system fends in fitting in the optics of the exercise vehicle, only the front tinker breaks clearly with the shape language of the series a5. Makes the abbot in front a bit more aggressive. As a rounding out of the performance, the tuner recommends the sweeping br rim in 19 or 20 inches. The allgauer also offer complete wheel sets with high-performance tires.

Four power packages up to 310 hp

There are currently four performance enhancements available: thanks to the optimization of electronic engine management, the 2.0 tfsi instead of standard mabiger 180 or 211 hp after the cure 275 hp. At the 2.7 tdi are made of 190 strong 230 hp. The three liter diesel brings it to 282 hp compared to 240 hp in the series. For the displacement strongest v6 self-cord is also the "abt power s technology" available, in which additional turbocharger is used. 310 hp then ensure for propulsion, with 610 nm torque, it is very powerful. The power is borne by the abt brake system or a special sports brake system.

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