The nsa is plagued by ufo curiosity seekers

And the mysterious circles in british grain fields are not due to ufos, but to magnetic fields, says a scientist

More and more people believe in ufos or at least that the american secret services have something to hide. The nsa at least complains about the many requests for documents under the freedom of information act. And in great britain, a scientist claims to have found a new explanation for the circles in grain fields, which some consider to be signs of ufos and aliens.

The nsa is plagued by ufo-curious people

The nsa – popularly known as the no such agency because of its secrecy – complains about problems. Hundreds of written requests for disclosure of documents pertaining to ufos eventually paralyzed the agency’s entire operation, says pamela philips, who is in charge of processing freedom of information act requests at the nsa.

Two years ago, the nsa published numerous documents on the internet in order to dispel the speculation that has been circulating, especially since the roswell incident, about ufo and alien visitation and the attempts of the american military and intelligence agencies to keep all of this secret from the public. In 1947 a ufo with occupants is supposed to have crashed in roswell. And every now and then there are new announcements, pictures or even films, for example about an alleged autopsy of the alien corpses.

In fact, the american intelligence agencies and militaries have been concerned with ufos since the 24th of december. June 1947 the first ufo was sighted by a pilot near washington,. Plotzzlich saw ever more humans flying saucers and it broke out a kind of hysteria, which fitted well to the cold war. The u.S. Air force established project sign to collect and evaluate information related to sightings of alleged ufos. A project called grudge sought to reare the public for the first time, declaring ufos to be aircraft, balloons, optical exchanges or meteors. In 1949, the ufo project was discontinued, but in the 1950s it was revived by the cia. Since then, for people infected by the ufo meme, every denial of the authorities is a hint that something must be there.

So it happened also to the cia, which published last one year a report with the title "a die-hard ie. Cia’s role in the study of ufos, 1947-90" in which previously secret documents were evaluated and which also critically points out mistakes made by the authorities (the ufos and the cia. But that’s a bit of a mouthful for the conspiracy theorists. In april of this year, satellite images of groom dry lake air force base, long denied by the military to exist and known as the fabled area 51, were released for the first time. Apart from wild speculations about what is being tested there, area 51 is considered by quite a few ufo enthusiasts in the usa as a place where spacecraft and even bodies of extraterrestrials are located and examined (satellite images of the secret test site area 51). The pictures love naturally again only new conjectures arise.

By and by the nsa had published some documents on its web page, which have to do with ufos, e.G. B. With the lawsuit "citizens against unidentified flying objects secrecy v. Nsa" in the 1980s, reports on roswell and alleged sightings, but also newspaper reports such as the spectacular article "govt.’s super-secret security agency warns: take ufos seriously or be prepared for sneak invasion by space aliens" from the national enquirer. However, critics like peter gersten, who runs the website citizens against ufo secrecy, is an attorney and litigates against the nsa, comments: "the only reason the nsa documents saw the light of day was because of caus’s lawsuit. 20 years later, there has been a lot of ufo activity and new inquiries. But since then, nsa seems to have lost the cooperative attitude that the above implies, if it ever really existed. A pitifully small collection of other recent non-nsa documents are listed, all of which have also been previously published elsewhere, including an article entitled ‘what the u.S. Government knows about unidentified flying objects’ by peter gersten from 1981." gersten says that more and more people, especially young people, are interested in ufo stories: "with x-files and star wars, it’s exotic. It is entertaining. It is the greatest mystery of all time."

The nsa is plagued by ufo curiosities

grain circle of 22. July 2000 in avebury trusloe, photo from circlemakers

If the nsa and cia have been dealing with ufos for a little longer, some people in great britain have long been preoccupied with a phenomenon that has been occurring regularly in the summer for many years: strange circles and patterns in fields of grain, tending to become more and more sophisticated. For the gullible, of course, once again a reason to think of aliens or possible imprints of landed ufos or to meditate on mysteries at all.

As bbc reports "scientist" colin andrews has developed a new theory after 17 years of work on the origin of such circles. 80 percent of the patterns are man-made, which andrews, apparently supported by a grant from the rockefeller institute, claims to have found out through detectives. The simpler circles, however, were natural phanonemes caused by changes in magnetic field lines, which pressed the stalks of grain to the ground. But to strengthen his theory he has to do more research.

For some time now, there has also been a kind of artists’ group, which is also represented on the asthetically sophisticated website www.Circlemakers.Org. In the beginning, they started with the idea of pre-swapping traces of ufo landings, but in the meantime the patterns, which they trampled into the fields at night in hard work for hours, have become more and more complicated, works of art, as you can see from the pictures on the website. And john lundberg, one of the cereal circle artists and website operators, thinks that people are not interested in scientific explanations like andrews’. Secrets must be, even if they are as scary as aliens landing on england’s cornfields at night.

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