Vw: the one-liter car will continue to wait

The carmaker volkswagen has not yet decided whether he is "one-liter car" xl1 wants to produce in series. That said a group speaker of the news agency dpa on sunday and reacted to a report of automotive week. The industry newspaper reports to plan it to build the economical car soon in osnabruck in series. The xl1 was developed and built in osnabruck, but there are currently no concrete tarpaulin about a series production of the car in osnabruck, said the group speaker. But there is the competence for the construction of small series by the ex-location of the supplier karmann.

At the vw annual general meeting, vw supervisory board ferdinand piech and his wife ursula had only broken in the high-tech float xl1. The car is a two-seater and is considered one of the favorite projects of piech. The car is a hybrid vehicle that combines a diesel with an electric motor. In the body, vw relies on carbon fiber materials to save weight. With the one-liter car vw wants to take a wagon role in the construction of easier hybrid vehicles. The prototype was presented in katar in january 2011 – the golf emirate is about 17 percent third-grounded shareholder of vw.

The decision for the xl1 was not allowed to fall slightly to the marketstrateges of vw. As a plug-in hybrid, as presented in qatar, the car was hit on a market in which the ability to drive the electric driving is no longer so needed as during the electric car-"hypes" recent years. On the other hand, this could speak for a (gentlian) mildhybrid, which then only considered a kind of two-liter car. Another venture is the body’s body of the two-seater: it offers little storage space and is associated with poor considerity. Buy people a car in which the value is sacrificed to consumption consistently?

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