Waisted pladized for blue plaque

The federation for the environment and nature conservation germany (bund) in baden-wurttemberg asked the environmental minister winfried hermann (grune) to use for the blue plaque. "This is unasked for clean air in the city and the protection of the health of the burger," said brigitte dahlbender, bund boss in baden-wurttemberg, on tuesday (4. October 2016) in stuttgart. "Now you have to show the lander flag. Otherwise it will come to general driving bans in two years."Of that were also cars with current exhaust gas purification.

The minister of transport of the federal stands meet thursday and friday (6 and 7. October) in stuttgart. At the top of the agenda is the topic of blue plaque. Federal minister of transport alexander dobrindt (csu) stobs his landlines on friday. The exciting question will be whether this problem is tackled just under a year before the general election. A local proximity ban for all diesel, which maximally creates the euro 5 exhaust standard, is certainly not an ie with which a politician secures many electoral votes.

The plaques are to get according to the previous ideas of federal environment minister barbara hendricks (spd), among other things, diesel vehicles with the exhaust standard euro 6. So it should be allowed the municipalities to adopt local driving bans for vehicles without the plaque in particularly burdened areas. These zones, as the minister emphasized, be significantly smaller than the previous environmental zones. How roughly the zones will be actually, however, is the responsibility of the communities.

Minister dobindt had moved the introduction of the blue plaque. Baden-wurttemberg’s traffic minister winfried hermann (grune) had criticized that because the plaque was notes in order to comply with the limits for nitric oxides in the budwest in many of the city. Stuttgart is one of the most heavily burdened city, not least due to its location. At the beginning of the year had been tried to get the problem with a call to voluntary waiver of the car – in vain.

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