Brexit: waiting for the fish compromise

Brexit: waiting for the fish compromise

In the past, advent was also a time of fasting, which is why fish is still served on christmas eve in some catholic areas today. Photo: kgbo. License: cc by-sa 4.0

In the uk, the press ames that france closed the armelkanal not only for fear of the british corona mutation

Although the eu parliament announced that the time for the ratification of an agreement to be concluded from 1. The negotiations on a trade agreement between the eu and the uk, which is due to take effect on 1 january, are now too close for comfort, but negotiations on such a treaty are continuing. It can be applied in advance without ratification. Therefore, the british home secretary priti patel could not accept the offer of the deputy president of the eu parliament katharina barley to extend the transition period on sky news to reject.

British proposal on fishing quotas

After that "eu circles" to the german media that an agreement before christmas is a prerequisite for the early application of a trade agreement. One day before december 24. December, such an agreement has not yet been reached. A british compromise proposal on fishing rights, previously speculated about in the financial times, the guardian and other media, is said to have been described by eu chief negotiator michel barnier as "unacceptable" unacceptable.

According to theresa may’s former adviser raoul ruparel, london had offered brussels in this compromise proposal to reduce the fishing quota of vessels from eu member states in british and northern irish waters, which dates back to the 1970s, by only 35 percent rather than 60 percent. Moreover, this was not to happen immediately, but was to be spread over a period of five years.

Brussels had to refrain from levying duties on fish caught by british fishermen when they were imported into eu member states. The eu would only have been allowed to do this if a new british government, for example under a prime minister jacob rees-mogg, further restricted fishing quotas after five years. However, brussels had to submit to independent arbitration on the level of the tariffs that would then be allowed.

Macron’s continental blockade

British media ame that in addition to the frenchman barnier, who is directly involved, french president emmanuel macron is also indirectly involved in the brexit negotiations. He not only stopped air traffic between france and the uk after a british corona mutation became known, but also loved to close the eurotunnel and stop traffic between dover and calais. As a result, so many trucks were jammed in kent, england’s hallertau region, that 2.180 at the former manston airport and another 630 on disused lanes of the m20 freeway. Among other things, fresh seafood is now spoiling in these trucks.

According to the telegraph, this was a surprise for british transport minister grant shapps "surprising" french action not only out of fear of the potentially more contagious british sars-cov-2 mutation, but "to make eu exit as painful as possible for the british". Spd politician bernd lange, chairman of the eu parliament’s trade committee, echoed this interpretation yesterday in the german daily die welt, while french secretary of state for europe clement beaune pointed out that in connection with the mutation, the british prime minister himself spoke of a "very difficult situation" situation, to which one "appropriate" to react appropriately.

After the new continental ban, which has since been somewhat defused by the possibility of testing truck drivers, johnson tried to reare the british by saying that 80 percent of imports of "foodstuffs, medicines and supplies would" do not enter the uk via the eurotunnel and the dover-calais routes. Supermarket chains such as sainsbury’s also reared the public that they had taken precautions and stocked all the ingredients for the traditional british holiday meals in sufficient quantities.

These include stuffed turkey with gravy, potatoes, brussels sprouts and ham-wrapped sausages, as well as yorkshire pudding made with eggs, milk and flour, plum pudding made with dried fruit, fat and brandy, fruit-filled mince pies, and eggnogs made with eggs, sugar, alcohol and milk. Shortages, according to sainsbury’s, could only occur in products that do not fall into this tradition, such as cauliflower, broccoli, lettuce and citrus fruits.

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