Corticon.js kummer’s rules for javascript applications

Corticon.js Kummert deals with business rules for JavaScript applications

The software company progress has corticon.Js published, a tool for automated creating, testing and providing rules for javascript applications. The so-called serverless rules engine should provide rules among other than serverless functions.

Business rules engines disconnect business and program logic

A business rules engine (bre) is a software component as part of a management system for business rules (business rule management system). Bre should enable efficient execution of business rules and disconnect the business logic between the database and user interface from the process logic. This will allow users to make changes to the technical business logic without being responsible for the source code.

The new tool is apparently an offshoot of the existing offer corticon from progress for automated managing business rules. With the release, the rule management is now also available for mobile apps and iot applications. "Server-side machining" if this is not necessary, the company indicates on your website, the application can be used in the sense of classic rule engines without manual programming. Corticon.Js obviously supports a serverless architecture.

Code-free analysis and documentation of business logic

As a kernstuck should corticon.Js corporate analysts allow the documentation of the business logic to keep knowledge and have to be checked regulatory. The application offers users the possibility to create decision-making services as web services or embedded in applications.

The modeling tools within the rules engine provide a table scalculation view and should be equipped with a readily operable interface to manage rules. Progress obviously focuses its offer primarily on analysts and directive experts, in the area of financial services, insurance and health care.

More details are in the press release of progress. The company offers a trial version on its website, there is also more information about corticon.Js.

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