Again a hardware provider tries to sell specific to macos compatible pcs that are not from apple. The company called opencore computer is still unknown so far – your name and appearance of your logo is based on an open source project like name, which has developed a well-known bootloader for hackintosh machines.

Powerful components

According to opencore computers, the computers presented this week called velociraptor both macos catalina and windows 10 per exports. Macos should even "professional (before) installed" be and with it "all functions like hand-off and continuity", which always represent a problem in hackintosh machines work.

The velociraptor comes according to the manufacturer with ryzen cpus (from 8 cores), at least 16 gb of ram and graphics cards from the radeon pulse rx 580 with 8 gb. A 250 gb nvme-ssd "fur macos" is installed in the standard model, the $ 2200 costs. Maximum equipment is a 16-core cpu, 64 gb of ram and a vega-vii gpu. Opencore computer wants to reconcile the series computers of the series "t-rex" and "megalodon" present animals that can also be equipped with a thread ripper.

LG is enough AirPlay and HomeKit Support for alter TVs

The electronics manufacturer lg builds the support for apple services on tvs: protocols airplay 2 and homekit are still on tv models from 2018, as the manufacturer announced on monday. A firmware update should bring the functions on the ages of the year 2020 to the ages of television model rows, a precise appointment has not yet been communicated. You want to give more details if the apple protocols are available on the advice.

Iphone and siri control tv

Lg has integrated the first television manufacturer homekit and airplay on his 2019 tvs last summer, the beginning made the oled and lcd model series, later followed by uhd models. The 2020er models support the apple protocols ex works. The tvs can be used to control, automate, automate and summarize with other smart-home in so-called scenes on iphones, ipads and macs and contact together. In addition, it is possible to control homekit televisions on the language assistance system siri with voice commands.

The support for airplay 2 allows you to stream videos, music and photos of apple advice to the tv and to use the tv device for a multiroom audio playback in combination with other airplay 2 speakers.

Right expansion: Critical Lucke in Oldric IOS and MacOS versions

Apple’s important xpc interface allows malware to obtain advanced rights: a logic problem with the handling of xpc services through the central process launchd "easy to exploit and with 100 percent reliability to expand the rights" abuse, as the security researcher zhipeng huo now announced. Also, it is bad software so much, even from the "restrictive sandbox" break out.

Lucke only eliminated in macos 11 and ios 14

The vulnerability was reported to apple last year and is fixed according to the manufacturer in macos 11 big sur and ios 14 – it has the logic problem "through improved checking" eliminated, apple writes in a rejuvenated note. Also in ios 13.5 were already taken counterpayers, said the for tencents security xuanwu lab tata security researchers. Older versions of the operating systems seem to be more accurate, at least apple does not fix this vulnerability (cve-2020-9971) in his release notes of security updates for macos 10.15 or 10.14 on.

The cert bund of the federal office for safety in information technology (bsi) classifies the risk as "very high" although the vulnerability seems to take advantage of only through local attackers – and not readily remotely. In contrast to macos, developers in ios can not directly address the xpc services, huo notes, but apple use them for various separate processes with extended rights; accordingly just be it, "usal goals" to find.

Imagination Technologies wants to make desktop graphics cards with innosilicon

Chipdesigner imagination technologies and innosilicon, previously primar manufacturer of krypto minern, have a cooperation to build graphics cards. Imagination technologies represents the graphics architecture img b-series bxt, innosilicon builds pci express 4.0 plug-in cards, apparently with fast gddr6 memory.

In the message, both companies write on high-end graphics cards for data centers, but also desktop pcs. These for compute, ki applications and 3d games are thought. In order to increase the computing power, imagination technologies has designed the graphics architecture used for a composite of several chiplets. Homes: a gpu consists of several silicon chips that behave in front of the operating system like a single behavior. The idea should "very soon" take place.

Project complicated

At such an approach amd and nvidia have been researching for years. What can function in data centers thanks to parallelized compute tasks, especially in latency-critical 3d games for performance problems. In series, neither amd nor nvidia chiplet gpus produce. The plan of imagination technologies and innosilicon therefore sound at first ambitious.