Service robots as helpers in need

Even outside the factory, human work is being joined by machine work

At the end of march 2016, i wanted to reward myself after a lecture on animal-friendly robot cars. I walked over to the stanford shopping mall, past evergreen trees and squirrels climbing around. Before tiffany co. Stood a security robot. He looked almost as elegant as audrey hepburn in front of the jeweler’s window in new york. I turned to him, but he was silent. Later i learned that he can see, hear and smell. Talking is not his thing. It rolls around and reports suspicious things to a control center, which sends human security personnel in case of doubt. This has not completely lost its job. It is available on call.

During a visit to a company in bern in the same year, i encountered a transport robot. It was accompanied by two employees, who put it in its place with voice commands. He was not very communicative either. I was allowed to open his flap, under which you can stow packets, and make further investigations. Then he moved on, like a little, fat, lazy dog. One day they wanted to use it to deliver the mail in the cities, supervised only from a distance. I did not think this was a good idea. Not so much because letter carriers would lose their jobs – of which there were still enough. Rather, because mail carriers would stumble over it. And because it was too slow.

Electrical care vehicles

Transport minister alexander dobindt has taker qualities. In boxing, this is the ability to plug me in without recovery. The messaging car toll, the imminent bankruptcy of the private motorway operator a1 mobile as well as the diesel-disaster have encosted a lot of force. So apparently little time for a seemingly subordinated project remained important for a future-oriented traffic system: the attribution of electric small vehicles.

In the eu jargon you would like plev (for personal light electric vehicle) and in the marketing speech "last mile scooter" or "surfer". Such products are massible. You have an electric engine, can drive faster than 6 km / h and are therefore in the meaning of the legislator motor vehicles. And for their use in the public space you need insurance, a driver’s license and a plenty – but they are fixed in the burocracy.

Vehicles with "not at least one seat"

So the federal council has the federal government on 23. September 2016 prompted the prerequisites for the operation of self-balancing vehicles and vehicles with electric motor, "which do not have at least one seat" with the participation of the land.

Bmw again under suspicion of exhaust gas manipulation

According to a report, bmw is suspected of suspicion of exhaust manipulation in cars of the 5er and 7 series with six-cylinder motorizations. A group speaker shared with, the 11.700 affected vehicles had been misused four years ago with a false software for engine control. I have noticed the error in internal tests and immediately informs the federal office federal office (kba).

Previously, on friday, the 23. February 2018, the news magazine mirrors reports that the inconsistency at the control system was noticed in a sampling control. The author is already buying approved cars at handlers. When the planned sample has become known at the automaker, "bmw wanted to make a service on the car before the examination". That’s how the mirrors a civil servant from circles.

According to bmw, the engine controls with which the cars were delivered to the production start of 2012 were first recorded later with the wrong code in the course of an update. Bmw wants to resumble the affected vehicles as part of a jerk. The approval of this procedure is now in the hands of the kba. If the wrong software is classified as an illegal attempt of exhaust manipulation, according to volkswagen with its brands porsche and audi and daimler against another german automaker was determined.

The opel works council has accused the group’s parent company general motors (gm) of using "internal trade restrictions" to hinder car exports to countries outside europe. Gm is demanding profits after just one year, outgoing works council head klaus franz told news agency dpa. But that is absolutely illusory. This would practically block opel’s access to new markets outside europe.

Franz thus contradicts opel ceo karl-friedrich stracke, who had praised increased exports to eastern europe, australia, china, south america and the middle east as a way out of the loss-making automaker’s plight. Franz, too, advocates more exports, but sees them as unnecessarily difficult under current conditions. "Gm officially agreed to the proposed export, but then created ‘killer criteria’ that made exports all but impossible."The background to this is the territorial protection for other gm brands such as chevrolet or holden, which conversely applies to opel.

Gm manager stephen girsky had advised opel to take volkswagen as a role model. Franz is not opposed to this: "we want fair competition within the group, as is the case at volkswagen."This year, opel has just 13 new models.000 cars sold outside of its specified market. "Only 3000 of them in china and (vw subsidiary) skoda sells 200 there.000 pieces," says franz. Opel still has three-quarters of the world market closed to it due to corporate decisions. Of the five largest car markets in the world, opel is allowed to operate only in western europe. Franz criticized the fact that, contrary to what had been agreed with the employees in the restructuring plan, very little had been done in terms of exports over the past year and a half.

Daimler wants uniform crash test rules

Daimler’s development leader thomas weber has pronounced for a stronger approximation of crash tests worldwide. "We wish ours harmonized and standardized rules worldwide, because it has helped us to narrow complexity," weber said today at the inauguration of a new center for vehicle safety in sindelfingen at stuttgart.

The requirements for safety have risen enormously in recent years, weber said. The number of real crash tests carried out at daimler in sindelfingen per year had doubled to 700 over the past 15 years and go towards 900 to 1000 in the future. There are also thousands of simulations. Each country has other requirements. Russia, for example, demanded as the only country an accident test with overshadding on the roof. However, the rating institutes who have an interest in complex and expensive procedures have also been to blame, said thomas merker, who is state-of-vehicle safety with the car maker.

Daimler has invested around 600 million euros in new development institutions in recent years in sindelfingen. After a wind tunnel and new pruned, the crash test center is inaugurated. That alone has cost 200 million euros. There are in contrast to the old test center crash tests for lateral impact situations, inflation with two cars, with trucks but also with electric cars possible.

The tata nano still does not quite ride, like the indian economic administration business standard reported. Although the manufacturer has tried to boost the sale of the microscanet with various measures for marketing, financing and sales, the sales figures were rather worse than better. In july, the newspaper reports, they have dropped sales in india to 3260 units, after about 9000 copies in july 2010. In the last two months, the sales figures had been practically halved compared to the previous year. Already at the end of 2010 had been reported that the sales were collapsed.

The sale of nano remains far behind the 12.000 to 15.000 copies back that tata had planned originally, handlers remain on new cars. Although the car sales overall in india, but even the ford figo – more than twice as expensive as nano – sells better. And the distribution network of tata is loud business standard three times as coarse as that of ford. Tata has around 620 handlers and attempts to achieve the hinterland with roadshows – there is the long-awaited increase in sales success.

In addition, tata wants to launch new variants, including a diesel model. A price difference of a good 50 percent of fuel will be in india many builders according to a diesel model, although the vehicles are around 25 percent more expensive. With one of the smallest diesel engines in the world, nano should become the most economical passenger car. In addition, tata wants further market, such as sri lanka and nepal. In indonesia and brazil, the company speaks with possible manufacturers to produce the nano there on site. Tata chief ratan tata can also imagine bringing an electrical version on the market and remaining features of the pixel presented in geneva.

Toyota introduces its globally successful auris in third generation at the geneva motor show (8. To 18. Marz). In addition to the pure otto and two ottto hybrid drives, no diesel motorizations are offered more. The compact model is built as so far in the uk in the toyota plant burnaston.

The technical basis is called toyota tnga ("toyota new global architecture"), which is a modular platform on which the models prius and the suv ch-r already build up. This is good news, because therefore, comfort and dynamics could thus be able to improve, not least as merit of the rear single-wheel condition.

The body should have become torsional and according to the manufacturer sinks the focus compared to the process by 20 millimeters. The new auris became four centimeters long at a two-centimeter later overhang and now measures 4.37 meters, the width rises by three centimeters to 179. The wheelbase amounts to 2.64 meters.

Artist monument

Abu dhabi (uae), 8. December 2014 – at the geneva motor show 2013, pininfarina honored its long-term boss sergio pininfarina (1926 – 2012) with the study pininfarina sergio. Now the car has gone in series, whereby one should not think about a flicker production. Overall, only six copies are built, all are already sold. The first was now supplied by the sbh royal auto gallery at the yas-marina race course in abu dhabi, where the "ferrari world"-enjoyment park is located.

The collaboration began 60 years ago

Is behind the luxurious vehicle collection, the name already suggests that a member of the family prevailing in abu dhabi. Sheik sultan al-zayed has secured the first of six ferrari sergio, with which the italian brand reminded at the beginning of cooperation with pininfarina 60 years ago. The basis for the extreme roadster forms the 458 spider in special export with 605 hp from a 4.5-liter suction motor. This should range from zero to 100 km / h in a good three seconds.

According to ferrari, the special model should remember the 60s and 70s, as pininfarina designed many cars for the brand. Particularly striking is the low front. A wide black strip on the high of the engine shares the car visually in two halves. Some elements not only look out, but also have a function: so the curved front spoilers should improve the output and in the surgery bullets behind the seats are air intake for gear-solkuhlung.

The successor: ford transit tourneo custom

Koln, 23. February 2012 – ford shows at the geneva motor show (8. To 18. Marz 2012) the study transit tourneo custom concept. Thus, the manufacturer aims in the direction of the successful vw multivan, also known as "bull". The ford-van offers space up to nine people and should point above all by a particularly good equipment.

Luxury ambience in the interior

The interior of the concept car is two-tone designed and more reminiscent of a car than to a commercial vehicle. Ford promises one "perfect workmanship and high quality materials". So the seats with a combination of hand-wedding leather and chic fabric railways are related – at least with the exhibit. The rear armchairs are waiting with varied adjustment options and can be completely expanded if required. Many of the technical characteristics come from ford cars. For example, a start-stop and a recuperation system should help in sprit saving. In addition, there is the communication and entertainment system sync with voice control. Security equipment includes side and head airbags, a jerky camera, a tracking assistant and a mutual warning.

Under the bonnet of the custom concept comes an optimized version of the 2.2-liter diesel engine with 155 hp. The machine supplies a torque of 385 nm and should be particularly economical.

Some german car turns are surprisingly good. The reason is above all in the fact that german cars like to bought in the chinese market. The market volume of china has meanwhile reached the level of the usa, but offers significant increase in significance.

The car maker daimler is now superimposed to produce another series in his work in beijing. "We think about it, in addition to the c-class sedan, also below the e-class to produce further vehicles", told financial officer bodo over the stuttgarter newspaper from thursday. Ubber did not exclude that this could be the compact railway wagon glk. Daimler wool until 2015 around 300.Sell 000 cars in china. The half of them should come from assembly in the country itself. "The capacity of our work in beijing is doubled until then", said uebber.

In view of the good order admirudes, the profit for the car division mercedes-benz cars "at the upper edge of the contested bandwidth of 2.5 to 3 billion euros" be. This also applies to the truck division, where a profit before interest and taxes of 500 to 700 million euros has been predicted.