Every year again: banking crisis

European banking authority placed banca carige in receivership, resolution could cost italy dearly

Just 18 months ago, italy went to the rescue – against resolution guidelines – of crash bank monte dei paschi di siena (msr). After the country’s third-largest bank, banca carige, the country’s tenth-largest bank, is now in serious trouble and has been placed in receivership by the european central bank (ecb).

This is not surprising, since even in the unstressful bank stress tests, in which no bank can actually fail, carige has recently been identified as a "failing" noticed. That’s something, since previously the stress tests had not even reported banks as failing, which were rescued shortly afterwards with billions in taxpayers’ money.

Trump's indecisive syria policy

Is image allegedly from baghuz

According to a wsj report, more u.S. Soldiers are to remain in syria after all, but the pentagon was quick to deny this, pointing to "productive" discussions with turkey

The white house cannot speak of consistent planning and decision-making and of a corresponding military and military policy. An example of this is the syria policy. It will be remembered that in mid-december, as a kind of christmas surprise, u.S. President donald trump announced the complete withdrawal from syria, allegedly because the islamic state was now defeated. In doing so, trump had contradicted the pentagon and, in particular, then-defense secretary mattis, which led to the recalcitrant mattis resigning or, as the case may be, being forced to resign. Was fired. At the same time, trump had largely cleansed the white house of people who still hold the remnants of their own opinions against him.

Even superheroes live flexibly neoliberal – spider-man 2 by sam raimi

After peter parker alias spider-man has finally traded in his horn-rimmed glasses for the superhero cape, director sam raimi sends the likeable hero into the wild, flexibilized world of work in the sequel. And this one is almost unconquerable even for a superhero. But only almost.


Tobey maguire and kirsten dunst in spider-man 2. Image: columbia pictures (sony)

Motorcycle manufacturer buell is back to insolvent

Us-american erik buell is a gifted motorcycle engineer and racing fanatic. In addition, an excerptly sympathetic character who likes to laugh, lovely casually clothes in jeans and short-sleeved shirts and like to be unpacked his electric guitar to catch in the strings. He is a rather modest type, but still impressed by his knowledge about the development of motorcycles. That’s good at the managers gross companies. But erik buell’s dilemma was always that he just is not a business man.

From the racer to the motorcycle maker

As a young man, buell drove himself successfully race, first motocross, then on the asphalt. He donated as a mechanic of racing teams, while he in the evening at the university of pittsburgh for his mechanical engineering studies buffet. As a finished engineer he wanted to work for harley-davidson. Instead of sending an application, he flew in 1979 to milwaukee and surprised the business administration to hire him.

Parallel to his job, he developed a 750 two-stroke racing motorcycle based on a british barton. In 1983 he rally at harley-davidson to devote himself to his racing project. But when the first successes were finally setting, the class of coarse two-stroke in favor of the four-stroke 1986 was set. Need for four-stroke engines and thanks to his still good contacts with harley-davidson, he received a few engines of the xr1000, a racing motorcycle, with which he drove in 1983 personally at the road america battle of the twins except for a podium square was.

Exhaust gas fraud: fine for Daimler, Nissan and Porsche in Sudkorea

Daimler should pay a fine of 77.6 billion won (58.6 million euros) in sudkorea because of a forbidden shutdown device in diesel cars (58.6 million euros). Also, against mercedes benz korea will reimburse criminal charges, said a spokesman for the ministry of the environment on thursday (7. May 2020). The case should be forwarded on the same day or on friday the prosecutor’s office. It would have been manipulated by the highest fine in sudkorea for a car maker because of the allegation to manipulate exhaust tests. The stuttgart carmaker announced.

Affected are zwolf mercedes benz models sold between 2012 and 2018 in sudkorea. For the variants of the c, m and s-class of mercedes as well as the suvs glc, gle and gls, prohibited software was found to control exhaust gas purification. The outset of nitrogen oxides should not have complied with the regulations.

Connection with a jerk of the kba of 2018

"The procedure relates to vehicles of the exhaust standard euro 6b, whose production was set in mid-2018," said daimler with. The investigations in sudkorea hours in connection with the jerk orders of the german federal office of 2018. The group did not keep the functions on illegal. The opposition proceedings in germany are still running.

Daimler threatens a book money in china for manipulation of prices. The price waxes have found evidence for prohibited agreements with mercedes handlers in jiangsu province. "The case of daimler is a typical monopoly that exploits its dominant position to control the prices for spare parts and maintenance in customer service," said director zhou gao from the price burno of the east chinese province according to the newspaper jinghua shibao from monday. Daimler in beijing shared only with the car maker cooperates in the investigation.

China’s befor the pricing policy of automakers for weeks. First past week, for the first time violated against the anti-monopoly act, penalties were penalties in a high level of 1.6 million yuan (around 195.000 euro) have been detected against bmw handler. A money pit against audi is also expected, as the proceedings against the german-chinese joint venture should be shortly before graduation. Like the prestigious business newspaper 21st century business herald reported, the penalty should be at 250 million yuan, converted 30 million euros, amount.

In the wealthy province of jiangsu, the price buro has been investing against mercedes handler since the beginning of july in suzhou, wuxi and other metropolises, reported the jinghua shibao. The daimler-buro in shanghai as well as a gross handler with headquarters in the northeast chinese port city of dalian had been investigated. It was "evidence found," wrote from the communist people’s newspaper edited sheet.

A cultural project for the federal election 2002

The small r makes the big difference. Although the slogans on the website www.Shrill-party.De seem at first glance to be quite similar to the slogans on www.Schill-partei.De. And populist empty formulas like the following would probably be signed by mr. Schill from hamburg immediately.

Separator meat, the immigrant question, eichel’s tax capers, an exit from energy policy, terrorists wherever you look: all this has moved us in the last 4 years and verargert. And now new: anti-semitism. Not so, mr. Mollemann! This must not be and should not be. We stand up for the simple citizen: lieschen muller, otto normalverbraucher. Where it hurts, we tackle it. One shrill, one word!

According to cartel rugged against the three coarse manufacturers daimler, bmw and volkswagen in connection with technologies of exhaust gas purification, bmw has reacted first and formed a billion-densely backrest for potential money bubes. The share under prere at the start of trading. In the morning she lost just under 0.5 percent to a good 73 euros.

Bmw had explained friday night on spades, expected to take more than one billion euros because of the cartel proceedings. The ebit margin (earnings before interest and taxes) of the segment automobile is therefore expected to be 1 to 1.5 percentage points under the previous corridor of 6 to 8 percent for the ongoing business year. In the consolidated result before taxes, the company expects a significant rinse compared to the previous year.

Bmw also ordered to defend itself against the premieges with all legal means. There have been no price or territory agreements at the expense of customers or suppliers. According to bmw, the talks with daimler and volkswagen was at the heart of the improvement of technologies for exhaust aftertreatment. "Unlike antitrust agreements, these talks aimed at the industrialized distance known and no, secret legislation ‘had the object, not to the harm of customers or suppliers."