A financial sales company does political landscaping

It has still not come out from whom dr. Kohl got his illegal party donations. Kohl got his illegal party donations. His close friend and party colleague dr. Reinfried pohl, however, one of the richest men in the republic, has a rough heart for the conservative party as well as its liberal coalition favorites. A look at the company, on the one hand, and the federal government’s reluctance to. Consumer protection on the other hand leaves a stale taste and is strikingly reminiscent of berlusconia.

Cabbage the gang

A reference from germany’s largest financial sales organization with 37.000 employees, germany’s largest financial sales organization "deutsche vermogensberatung ag" (dvag) to the cdu is unmistakable: the advisory board includes helmut kohl himself, his former right-hand man horst teltschick (long-time organizer of the munich security conference), kohl’s successor as minister president of the palatinate a.D. Bernhard vogel, and hesse’s minister president a.D. Walter wallmann the honor. Another advisory board position is filled by the conservative dieter stolte, who as former director of zdf put diether hildebrandt on the air and prevented political cabaret on the mainz station during the ara kohl.

Digital masters of health

What if healthcare was fully digitized and managed by a single platform??

If data is the new oil, then health data represents a particularly noble form of this oil. The visionaries at google, facebook and microsoft want to extract more knowledge about diseases and thus conquer the growing healthcare market. Trillions of dollars are at stake. The german healthcare industry alone was worth around 370 billion euros in 2018 and is growing at an annual rate of around 4.1 percent, much faster than the gross domestic product. For digital corporations, the biology of the human body is an information-processing process that can be seen through and corrected for errors with the help of adaptive algorithms. With its power over data and computing power, silicon valley could gain a monopoly over the new, data-driven medicine – as it already does over social networks or online search.

In christian j. Meier’s thriller "k.I. – who programs destiny" (polarise, 2019), the author sketches a future in which that is already reality. A fictitious digital corporation "gaia" has monopolized medicine. Diagnoses and therapies are calculated in its cloud. Local clinicians are just onlookers. After the unexpected death of one of her patients, frankfurt doctor jette blomberg believes something is wrong with gaia’s machinery. With researcher patrick reinerts and his extremely fast-learning ai "laplace" she wants to examine patient data herself. In the process, the two heroes stumble upon a dangerous secret that puts them in the sights of brent scott, gaia’s powerful boss.

The federation for the environment and nature conservation germany (bund) in baden-wurttemberg asked the environmental minister winfried hermann (grune) to use for the blue plaque. "This is unasked for clean air in the city and the protection of the health of the burger," said brigitte dahlbender, bund boss in baden-wurttemberg, on tuesday (4. October 2016) in stuttgart. "Now you have to show the lander flag. Otherwise it will come to general driving bans in two years."Of that were also cars with current exhaust gas purification.

The minister of transport of the federal stands meet thursday and friday (6 and 7. October) in stuttgart. At the top of the agenda is the topic of blue plaque. Federal minister of transport alexander dobrindt (csu) stobs his landlines on friday. The exciting question will be whether this problem is tackled just under a year before the general election. A local proximity ban for all diesel, which maximally creates the euro 5 exhaust standard, is certainly not an ie with which a politician secures many electoral votes.

The plaques are to get according to the previous ideas of federal environment minister barbara hendricks (spd), among other things, diesel vehicles with the exhaust standard euro 6. So it should be allowed the municipalities to adopt local driving bans for vehicles without the plaque in particularly burdened areas. These zones, as the minister emphasized, be significantly smaller than the previous environmental zones. How roughly the zones will be actually, however, is the responsibility of the communities.

EU Commission: Pollutants in air, water and floor should sink to zero

The eu commission adopted on wednesday a european action plan on the freedom of permity of air, water and soil. It wants to implement specifications from the green deal, after which the zero pollutant target should be achieved by 2050. The new initiative describes the vision of a world more precisely, in which pollution is so low in 30 years, that it is no longer danger for human health and natural okosystems.

The brussels government institution has set concrete steps to achieve the goal. Thus, all striking eu policy fields should be involved in combating and preventing pollution. One focus is on the use of digital solutions such as big-data analyzes and intelligent sensors that could help reduce the pollution load. Their potential has examined the commission in case studies on intelligent mobility, precision agriculture, electronic health services or digital water management and made concrete proposals.

One of eight death due to pollutants

In the eu, one of eight death falls on pollutants in the environment would be influenced by the commission, the commission welcomes the initiative. 90 percent of these are due to chronic diseases with cancer at the top priority. The number of premature death traps that are due to pollutants in the air, the environment agency to 400.000 per year. The most indeed impact of pollution on health usually concerned the most heavily hazardous populations such as children and people with pre-existing conditions. Aspiration on the environment is also one of the fun cases for the loss of biological diversity.