The cinema of the world is emancipating itself from hollywood. Finally

To say it right up front: i already can’t see al pacino’s blond dachshund eyes anymore. And i also avoid anthony hopkins wherever possible. But: as soon as i turn on the tv, who is standing in front of me again?? Dustin hoffman, tom cruise, meryl streep, demi moore. The whole hollywood movie set. When an american car glides across the screen, i go "click". Of course it doesn’t help.

I have seen every movie with johnny depp, with matt damon, with leonardo di caprio – without even wanting to. Every movie with bruce willis, tom hanks, john travolta, george clooney. Mel gibson or robert redford i already recognize from behind from behind, if the remote control sticks to them for only a fraction of a second. Robert de niro anyway.

Screwed by the employment office

A security loophole makes it possible to offer arbitrary job offers seemingly under the umbrella of the employment office

At the moment, some curious job offers eagerly forwarded by e-mail are causing astonishment. From state-certified district pollinator with regular night employment to the maserati parker in the fubganger zone to the spammer or brothel manager or even as the lowest level of the failed law student with a failed second state exam, who is supposed to make coffee in a law firm for room and board and put warning letters into their envelopes, the employment agency suddenly seems to have the strangest job advertisements in its database.

Brexit: waiting for the fish compromise

In the past, advent was also a time of fasting, which is why fish is still served on christmas eve in some catholic areas today. Photo: kgbo. License: cc by-sa 4.0

In the uk, the press ames that france closed the armelkanal not only for fear of the british corona mutation

Although the eu parliament announced that the time for the ratification of an agreement to be concluded from 1. The negotiations on a trade agreement between the eu and the uk, which is due to take effect on 1 january, are now too close for comfort, but negotiations on such a treaty are continuing. It can be applied in advance without ratification. Therefore, the british home secretary priti patel could not accept the offer of the deputy president of the eu parliament katharina barley to extend the transition period on sky news to reject.

Despite the new procedure for checking the data, the first announcement was hasty and wrong

No sooner had nasa’s near-earth object program announced the supposedly verified possibility of an asteroid coming dangerously close to earth in 2030 and possibly crashing into it, than there was another setback: as usual, the calculations were not accurate, and the information was released to the public too quickly.

Carl hergenrother of the catalina sky survey (css) near tucson, arizona, is "guilt" in the misery. On 3. On november 11, earlier observations of the object 2000 sg344 from the image archives of the css enabled him to calculate more precisely the orbit of the possible asteroid. In the year 2030 there is no danger of a possible collision, because the object will pass the earth in a distance of 5 million kilometers.

Corticon.js Kummert deals with business rules for JavaScript applications

The software company progress has corticon.Js published, a tool for automated creating, testing and providing rules for javascript applications. The so-called serverless rules engine should provide rules among other than serverless functions.

Business rules engines disconnect business and program logic

A business rules engine (bre) is a software component as part of a management system for business rules (business rule management system). Bre should enable efficient execution of business rules and disconnect the business logic between the database and user interface from the process logic. This will allow users to make changes to the technical business logic without being responsible for the source code.

The new tool is apparently an offshoot of the existing offer corticon from progress for automated managing business rules. With the release, the rule management is now also available for mobile apps and iot applications. "Server-side machining" if this is not necessary, the company indicates on your website, the application can be used in the sense of classic rule engines without manual programming. Corticon.Js obviously supports a serverless architecture.

IT industry: bad numbers, but good prospects

The german it industry is economically riskier than the average of german companies. This has the information creditsafe germany in an investigation under 46.000 software producers, it service providers, data processing companies, web portals and hosting services found.

According to the study, 42 percent of companies have an insufficient liquidity, which can quickly become a problem in view of the effects of corona. All industries only have 36 percent of german companies liquiditative problems. The numbers are still from the time before the corona pandemic.

The average default risk – the likelihood that a company has to register within the next two months of bankruptcy – is 1.91 percent in the it industry, on average at 1.35 percent. A high probability of probability of three percent have 18.5 percent of it companies, but only 13 percent of companies of all industries. After all, the equity ratio looks a bit better about it companies than average.

The already poor delivery situation of nvidia’s graphics cards of the series geforce rtx 3000 alias ampere is supposed to continue in the coming weeks. This divided the european handler alternate over his dutch website. Other shops were also affected.

According to alternate, the models geforce rtx 3080 and geforce rtx 3060 ti are concerned – both nvidias’s own founders editions as well as manufacturer cards of other companies. "The chance to get a geforce rtx 3080 is virtually equal to zero", it is called. Bad, it also looks like the rtx and gtx graphics cards from the previous 2000- or 1600 series. In the case of the geforce rtx 3090 and geforce rtx 3070, there should be few open orders, but prices are also increased here.

Lull in the price comparison

A look at the price comparison shows that german handlers are currently most likely to supply manufacturer cards of the geforce rtx 3070. The prices exceed nvidia’s recommended retail price of 520 euros, however, clearly: the most favorable model currently costs 750 euros, others can quickly meet the 1000 euro brand.

While the second energy summit failed to get beyond non-binding declarations of intent, environmental groups call for more consumer power

The reaction was predictable. The second energy summit, which met on monday under the leadership of chancellor merkel at the chancellor’s office in berlin, was heavily criticized from all sides. Above all, the non-governmental organizations in the environmental sector, which would have liked to be there but had not even been invited, did not spare the summit scolding.

Actually, the main topic of the summit was not really allowed to be controversial at all. It was supposed to be about energy efficiency, i.H. Ways of using electrical appliances in an energy-saving manner. This starts with the insulation of houses, continues with the abandonment of the standby mode of computers and other devices and does not stop with the use of energy-saving light bulbs.

Attack on afrin: further little successfully for the turkey

Battle with tanks. Screenshot video trt haber

Kurdish guerrilla resistance holds; syria condemns militant action; religious extremists in alliance with turkic armed forces make disgraceful headlines

For exactly two weeks, the turkish joint operation olive branch has been running in northern syria. Even before that, there had been sporadic attacks on afrin; the presence of the pyd "terrorists" to clean – regardless of the fact that the region is located on the territory of another state. But here the turkic president thinks in lines from old ottoman maps. Contemporary borders interest him less.

What is the origin of the phenomenon that individuals incapable of reproduction survive in an ant or bee colony??

When charles darwin developed his theory on the origin of species, ant and bee colonies were initially a thorn in his side. In the first edition of the "origin of species" he even admitted this: an individual that cannot reproduce reduces its fitness to zero in darwin’s model and was therefore no longer allowed to play a role in evolution. Of course, the naturalist could not miss the insect states – so he resorted to the amption that close-knit family ties could play a role. In addition, the advantages of a common food procurement and defense were obvious for him, too.

The phenomenon that some animal species go so far in their division of labor as to leave sexual reproduction to a few specimens is called eusociality. Depending on how broadly one understands the term, not only some insects belong to the eusocial creatures: even naked mole rats (see naked mole rats: africa’s wild wights) live in a community ruled by a queen.