Code Week 2020: Finally learning to program

The european initiative "code week" was initiated by a consultant * inner group of the early eu commissioner for digital agenda, neelie kroes,. Since then, it has been carried out on all over europe by volunteer ambassadors. In the context of the initiative, which is required by the european union, events will take place, which should enable all population groups to acquire knowledge in the coding.

The development of the code week

Code Week 2020: Finally learning to program

from 2018, the number of participants rose strongly,

The initiative is aimed primarily in schulerinnen, schuler and laudulphant – school form and subject do not play a role. The prerequisites for participation as event providers * are deliberately kept low threshold. On the website is encouraged to offer an event even if you are not sure of its previous knowledge. A variety of resources of the initiative itself should provide support in this case.

Delivery hero looks optimistic in the future

A good start to the current business year is the delivery service delivery hero optimistic for 2021. Therefore, management wants to pay annual turnover compared to € 6.1 to 6.6 billion compared to the previous year, as the dax listed in the dax announced on wednesday in berlin. Delivery hero also benefits from a beginning of marz completion.

Next red numbers

On a comparable basis, the group expects sales growth of up to almost 90 percent. The gross value (gmv) should also be more than twice as rough with 31 to 34 billion euros as a year ago. On a comparable basis – including the supersomed sudkorean company woowa – had the gross wave value last year at just under 22 billion euros.

Operatively, delivery hero will continue to write red numbers. The executive board expects a margin based on adjusted earnings before interest, taxes and depreciation (ebitda) from minus 1.5 to minus 2 percent.

Giant screen for Gaming: Player rent empty cinemas

The large cinema operator in sudkorea, cgv, rented his sale since the beginning of the year by the hour. In the us, the kinokette malco offers the gamers their canine since november previous year. While this is not profitable, but reduces the losses resulting from the coronvirus pandemia and the outgoing notes.

In sudkorea, up to four players can rent a cinema room at cgv. 6 pm cost two hours over 74 euros. In the evening, the price increases to 111 euros. The players must bring their game consoles, games and controllers. Most customers are manner at the age of 30 to 50 years, but also families use this offer.

New movies were more profitable, but they do not appear

The offered cinemas are actually designed for 100 to 200 people. In korea, cinemosale can only be charged to half due to the pandemic only to half. In normal cinema prices of just under 10 euros, a film advance is significantly more profitable, especially taking into account the good-to-drink and popcorn. However, the covid time hardly new high-cared cinema films appear as a crowd blood. Thus, the cinemas usually remain empty.

For hunters and collectors: land rover defender blaser edition

Schwalbach, 23. January 2012 – the land rover defender was once designed for agriculture, but in its more than 60 years of construction it has also served many a hunter and collector. For the former, the manufacturer is now launching a special model in cooperation with the hunting rifle manufacturer blaser. And because the "blaser edition" is built only in a small number of pieces, it is also interesting for unarmed collectors.

Safe for hunting rifle and ammunition

The special edition is based on the defender 110 station wagon se. A key feature of the special model is a gun safe in the trunk. The safety cabinet has a telescopic drawer in the lower part for storing hunting utensils and ammunition. Above this is a weapon compartment of safety level a, which can accommodate a maximum of five weapons up to 1230 millimeters in length. A luggage guard separates the rear compartment from the passenger compartment. Black checker plate on the body and a front guard protect the body when driving through terrain. Additional luggage can be carried on the roof rack.

122 hp turbo diesel engine

Other features include auxiliary headlights and work lights on the roof edge, as well as a ball-and-mouth trailer hitch. An electric winch with more than four tons of pulling force is standard on board. Heavy-duty hd steel rims, abs and electronic traction control make the off-roader particularly suitable for landings. Thanks to a raised air intake, the defender can drive through water 50 centimeters deep. For propulsion provides a 2.2 liter coarse turbo diesel with 122 hp and 360 nm maximum torque.

AMD-Ryzen Combi Processors: B550 mainboards with HDMI 2.1

Amds coming combi processors of the series ryzen 4000g alias renoir could for the first time the connection standard hdmi 2.1 bring to the pc area. The two manufacturers gigabyte and msi show the first motherboards with b550 chipset, where televisions over hdmi 2.1 leten – provided a suitable combination processor.

AMD-Ryzen Combi Processors: B550 mainboards with HDMI 2.1

With ryzen 4000g, amd should bring the first ryzen-7 combi processor – that of that eight cpu cores of the silicon chip.

Gigabyte has already set his product pages to the b550 motherboards online, msi so far only a surprise side (hdmi 2.1 is noted in the press release). Ryzen 4000g represents the desktop sister series to the mobile rows of ryzen 4000u and ryzen 4000h, the amd’s publication scheme seemed to appear following months in the coming months. The website videocardz showed a picture of an alleged ryzen 7 4700g.

NetDG reform: Research on Structures of Hetze Music

Facebook, youtube, tiktok, twitter co. Due to new transparency specifications, information must now also provide information against researchers to what extent the dissemination of unlawful content "for specific concerned certain user circles leads". The service providers should explain in public reports, whether they are the science information about "organized structures or coordinated behaviors" have given by hetzern.

Update for the netzdg

These rules are part of a coarse reform of the network translation law (netzdg), which comes to coarse parts today to monday. The bundestag had decided the amendment at the beginning of may, on the 9th. June she had been published in the federal law gazette, so that the rules reach now.

With the new guidelines researchers according to the legislator a further "anonymized evaluation" potential targeted hate campaigns can make. "Ruckets is known that punishable hate speech is often directed against certain groups", it is called for the lawbound. In particular, women and minorities are "in a special way" affected. With the advanced indications in the semi-annual transparency reports of the gross platforms, scientists "carry out systematic analyzes" and deeper findings about the gefuge of "hate criminal" to win.

The carmaker volkswagen has not yet decided whether he is "one-liter car" xl1 wants to produce in series. That said a group speaker of the news agency dpa on sunday and reacted to a report of automotive week. The industry newspaper reports to plan it to build the economical car soon in osnabruck in series. The xl1 was developed and built in osnabruck, but there are currently no concrete tarpaulin about a series production of the car in osnabruck, said the group speaker. But there is the competence for the construction of small series by the ex-location of the supplier karmann.

At the vw annual general meeting, vw supervisory board ferdinand piech and his wife ursula had only broken in the high-tech float xl1. The car is a two-seater and is considered one of the favorite projects of piech. The car is a hybrid vehicle that combines a diesel with an electric motor. In the body, vw relies on carbon fiber materials to save weight. With the one-liter car vw wants to take a wagon role in the construction of easier hybrid vehicles. The prototype was presented in katar in january 2011 – the golf emirate is about 17 percent third-grounded shareholder of vw.

The decision for the xl1 was not allowed to fall slightly to the marketstrateges of vw. As a plug-in hybrid, as presented in qatar, the car was hit on a market in which the ability to drive the electric driving is no longer so needed as during the electric car-"hypes" recent years. On the other hand, this could speak for a (gentlian) mildhybrid, which then only considered a kind of two-liter car. Another venture is the body’s body of the two-seater: it offers little storage space and is associated with poor considerity. Buy people a car in which the value is sacrificed to consumption consistently?

Seat altea xl 1.2 tsi ecomotive: new engine in the van

Barcelona (spain), 22. July 2010 – for many people, a practical car will sooner or later be the order of the day. Whether space is needed for the family or one learns to appreciate the convenience of getting in and out of the car, a van offers numerous advantages. The xl version of the seat altea, which is 20 centimeters longer, is naturally aimed primarily at those who have a lot to transport. We were able to get first impressions with the van in connection with the 1.2 tsi ecomotive: new engine in the van, with 105 hp for sufficient propulsion.

Plenty of space

In keeping with seat’s sporty aspirations, the 4.47-meter-long altea xl comes in a sleek suit. While there is an acute risk of confusion with the leon and the normal altea at the front, the horizontal rear lights set accents. However, the nimble lines take their toll: plenty of light floods into the front, thanks in part to an additional, small side window, but visibility to the rear is restricted by the sloping roofline and bulky c pillar. Comfortable seats and a generous interior width offer plenty of comfort on all seats. The center console, which does not extend all the way down, houses the radio and air-conditioning switches within easy reach of the driver. The plain plastic surfaces make clear where seat had to economize.

Variable interior

The back seat of the altea xl shows why spanish cab drivers like it. The rear seats can be moved by up to 16 centimeters. Depending on requirements, this allows for a huge amount of space for passengers or a gigantic luggage compartment of up to 732 liters, which puts the seat ahead of even the vw touran. The backrests can be easily folded down to create a flat load floor with a maximum capacity of 1604 liters. Because the altea xl is not available as a seven-seater, there is a variable luggage compartment floor in every model. The spaniard also collects plus points with its high opening tailgate.

The managed primary

Hillary clinton in march in phoenix. Image: gage skidmore.0

Tensions within the democratic party escalate in the face of evident manipulation by party leadership. The left underdog sanders could still become the presidential candidate

The world as will and imagination: since the democratic presidential candidate hillary clinton together with the leadership of the democratic party would like nothing more than to finally get rid of her left-wing challenger bernie sanders, the democratic establishment simply decided to declare the primaries already over – although the primary in the most populous state of the usa, california, is still to come.

Serious charges against tariq ramadan

Tariq ramadan (2009). Image: courtesy of joshua sherurcij

Prominent islamic scholar accused of rape by two women. For muslim feminists, this could be the prelude to a broader confrontation

Two women filed charges against tariq ramadan with prosecutors in rouen and paris last week. The women accuse him of rape.