Ford daughter spin brings own e-scooter to Germany

The e-scooter company spin concerning the ford group is launched after a delay by the corona crisis in germany. The electric scooters have been in koln on the strain, dortmund and essen since wednesday. Germany is the first spin market in europe, but also applied for licenses in paris and lyon, said europachef felix petersen.

No unlocking

In view of the corona risks, spin will disinfect any e-scooter if it is collected for charging. "We start with hundreds of vehicles and if necessary, we put more on the strain", said petersen. In koln, the service also covers ehrenfeld and deutz next to the city center. Originally the start of the breakfast was announced.

In order to make short rides more attractive, spin – unlike other providers – renounces unlocking, which usually serves a euro. The minute price of 30 cents is high than the competition.

With the smart doorbell one x, gigaset offers a video tone for your own smart home system for the first time. In addition to a live stream in full hd on the smartphone gigaset also allows chargeable, cloud-based recording. In addition, the video turkling ring with the nuki smart lock 2 can be.0 connect.

Tur from the distance

As a result, it is possible not only to recognize the person standing in front of the tur, but also from the distance to open the door via smartphone. The camera can also be integrated by cloud in gigaset’s own smart home system, gigaset elements,. Gigaset relies on a wlan connection (802.11n).

The energy necessary for the operation refers the smart doorsell one x over the wiring of the previous turklingel. An additional power source, such as a battery, is not required.

Early retirement: Four years less work

The statutory pension principle in germany is a very simple: the actively employed numbers with their contributors the pensions of the retirement. Therefore, the german pension insurance is also called generation contract because the boys for the old concerns. But the principle works well only if at least as many in working life look at how to leave. That’s no longer the case. The demographic change is the coarse enemy of the pension principle.

Today, fewer children are born in germany than earlier and people become old. The lack of offspring and rising life expectancy make up the age pyramid on the head: less and less boys are expected to pay for the pensions of more and more ages. That can not work in the long run. The federal government wants to fix the problem by raising the age limit for retirees from 65 to 67 years: the regular age limit increases in the years from 2012 to 2029 in one- and two-month steps. The born 1964 must be working first up to 67 to receive a trail-free pension.

Pension with 69?

The annual yard to 67 does not seem to be able to loose the generation problem, so german economic institutions in a joint diagnosis for the federal ministry of economics demand a further increase in retirement age by two more on then 69 years. As a reason for this is called corona. In addition, in the next few years, the birth-stared foreways reach the retirement age and according to calculations of the experts about 400.000 people left the labor market as a peak. Immigration do not rich to fuel this cheek. Other proposals, the contribution-financed pension system to strong, rely on higher contributions or an extension of the district of the deposits, such as officials.

The joy of saving

Stuttgart, 3. September 2013 – in the dominant business with fleet customers, no luxury sedan in germany can do without a diesel engine – even maserati is now taking this into account. The diesel engine has been on offer in the porsche panamera since 2011, but so far with only moderate success. Around 15 percent of panamera deliveries had the diesel under the hood. After only 2.5 years, porsche is now upgrading the self-tuner.

Water-cooled turbocharger

The new v6 delivers 300 hp and 650 nm, significantly more than its predecessor. That was specified with 250 hp and 550 nm. From the old engine, only the basic quantities were taken over. Above all, the moving parts such as the crankshaft drive and pistons are newly designed and dimensioned. Porsche combines the engine with a water-cooled turbocharger for the first time. This is designed to allow more air throughput. In addition, the maximum boost prere has been increased by 0.5 to three bar. The new engine also only complies with the euro 5 standard.

The standard eight-speed automatic transmission has a shorter ratio in the first four gears, while the axle is slightly longer, which should reduce noise and fuel consumption on the highway. As usual, according to current plans, the diesel will be available only with rear-wheel drive. For better traction, porsche torque vectoring plus (ptv plus), previously reserved for gasoline engines, has been added. It consists of an electronically controlled, fully variable rear-axle cross-lock and braking interventions at the rear wheels. Thicker stabilizer bars are designed to improve handling.

Hot and cold

Stuttgart, 27. August 2015 – there are some problems of which you always think again, they are finally moving into the museum of the early real and today only theoretical problems until they are fresh and cheerful again. This year that was mainly cold behavior. The new ktm 1050 adventure runs cold like a sack nusse. With a cat in it. To this elsewhere. And the lasting tester honda vfr 800 ran so strangely from the beginning, that i asked for safety’s sake, if something was seriously broken.

Grinding from the underground car park

Under 4000 rpm, the v4 delivers so little useful torque that it on the ramp from the underground car park or the ramp parts stucco mountain of my strain itself in the 1. Gang threatens to go. Around the 4000 he then voubles over a fearable hurde and supplies with a stroke of use torque in the cold normal range. So i drive in the first through the 30-zone here and the basement ramp with grinding clutch. The honda has not damaged so far, but i am also very sure that this can not have all vfrs in this dependence, because otherwise the shouts are gross. So i have borrowed the continuous tester of the motorcycle magazine mon with me around the corner, the honda crossrunner. There, honda moved practically the same engine in a fashionably slightly high-heeled chassis. Result: the mo tester has the same problems with the cold, though less pronounced.

I returned to the topic of cold when it rained cold again in the eifel and the ol of wins vfr on the highway remained permanently under operating temperature. The vfr still has the more early extinct olkuhler over the radiator for water boiler. The ol is more efficient than the conventional heat exchanger between the ol- and water cycle today, but it lacks the regulation, because mostly there is no thermostat for the olcross. The conventional warm exchanger, on the other hand, is attributable to the control cycle of the water and let his ol initially warm warm, which is warm in the small thermostat cycle immediately.

The real “opposite of donald trump,” in his words, is “an asian who likes math”. Democratic presidential candidate andrew yang. Image: cnn. Screenshot: tp

– and then laughed when asked if she ever smoked marijuana.” second round of televised debates between democratic presidential contenders

The second round of democratic televised debates, which cnn news network ran in the heavily shrunken rust belt metropolis of detroit (cf. Life after the impact of the fiscal neutron bomb), was divided into two groups of ten candidates each. In the first group, in which the candidates currently in second and third place in the polls, elizabeth warren and bernie sanders, met, little of note happened in the night from tuesday to wednesday (apart from the fact that the now 77-year-old sanders is increasingly showing his age).

Facebook stamps VR glasses Oculus Go

Facebook will no longer make the oculus go. Only the remainder of the entry-level vr glasses are sold, shared the company in a blog entry. The oculus go will disappear from the store as soon as the remainder is used up.

Now facebook wants to stard to focus on the more expensive and better equipped oculus quest. In contrast to the oculus go comes the quest with six movement axes (6dof). That’s the future of the vr, writes facebook in the blog entry. Vr headsets that like the oculus go only three movement axes, facebook does not want to build anymore.

If you already have an oculus go or ordered one of the last copies, glasses can continue to use without coarse restrictions. Facebook promises security and software updates with bugfixes up to 2022. New features will no longer get the oculus go. From the 4. December 2020 does not allow new apps or app updates more for the store.

Ride impression: jaguar xe sv project 8

When jaguar announced to develop the fastest limousine in the world, one was allowed to take note of this in munchen, stuttgart-unterturkheim and ingolstadt with a certain serenity. When it turned out that the car, which wanted to attack the mercedes amg c63s, the audi rs4 and the bmw m3s, should be based on the jaguar xe, the mood was allowed to illuminated. Finally, the british middle class sedan is not just as a ballot to agility.

The sacrificed mood must have found an end as the jaguar xe sv project 8 is a time of 7.21,23 has reached on the nordschleife of nurburgring. "Our goal was first to beat the bmw m4 gts. When that was achieved, we wanted to make the p8 just as fast as possible, "paid jaguar technician phil talboys. Simply pack the funfliter v8 compressor motor (441 kw / 600 hp at 6500 / min and a torque of 700 nm between 3500 and 5000 / min) under the bonnet and a powerful spoiler on the rear – so it is not done, because with straight bolt is not wins a flowerpot in europe.


The chassis gets as well as play-free double querlin connectivity of the steering knuckles via ball joints (so-called "zero-clearance joints") that eliminates unwanted movement. Extremely resilient hybrid wheel bearing with rings made of bearing steel and walzcarders made of silicon nitride. Also ceramic are the front brake discs with 400 mm diameter in front and 396 mm rear. The front brake caliper works with six brake flasks, yet the brake system reduces the unsprung masses by 18 kg and thus contributes significantly to good land liability. The body can be manually lowered by 15 millimeters.