And the mysterious circles in british grain fields are not due to ufos, but to magnetic fields, says a scientist

More and more people believe in ufos or at least that the american secret services have something to hide. The nsa at least complains about the many requests for documents under the freedom of information act. And in great britain, a scientist claims to have found a new explanation for the circles in grain fields, which some consider to be signs of ufos and aliens.

The nsa is plagued by ufo-curious people

The nsa – popularly known as the no such agency because of its secrecy – complains about problems. Hundreds of written requests for disclosure of documents pertaining to ufos eventually paralyzed the agency’s entire operation, says pamela philips, who is in charge of processing freedom of information act requests at the nsa.

Wikileaks-Ground Assange loses Ecuadorian Stateburgerschaft

A court has withdrawn from the wikileaks-grand julian assange the ecuadorian state burger. At the awarding of state burgeries to the birth australian 2017, administrative errors have been made, the newspaper el comercio reported on tuesday, citing an administrative court in the capital quito. Assanges lawyer carlos poveda customer to appeal to appeal against the first instance decision.

Waiting for decision on delivery

Assange is currently waiting for a decision on the delivery request of the us government in the london high-security hospel of belmarsh. The united states, together with the whistleblower chelsea manning, stealed secret material of us militarians in iraq and in afghanistan and published on the internet platform wikileaks. Thus, the life of informants in many countries has been brought. In the case of a conviction in the usa he threatens a long-term prison sentence.

Assange was laughed in 2012 prior to delivery in ecuador’s embassy in london. There he received asylum and 2017 also the ecuadorian state burgerschaft. At that time, the government of the sud american country was planning assange to give a diplomatic status and bring him so securely from the embassy. Later, however, there were tensions between quito and assange. The ecuadorian government conceded the asylum status in 2019 and assange was fixed because of the infringement of deposit editions from the british police.

Chives on the head, lover in the pool, cnn in afghanistan – how political staging was discussed at the munich media days

"Party platforms never mattered to voters after all."

Whoever says this at the munich media days must be a rather arrogant pr consultant or an equally arrogant journalist. But no. Sepp durr is the leader of the grunen parliamentary group in the bavarian state parliament – and a pretty clear-thinking politician at that: "as soon as the cameras go on, i’m in a production", he says.

According to the contested short-time work at opel, according to the works council, there is no targets to delete each third place in the long term. "That’s just nonsense, a duck," said the chairman of the opel works council, wolfgang scherer-klug, the news agency dpa. "In addition, we contracted, the operational rates expect until the end of 2014 and negotiate at the time with gm and opel over a deflection by 2016," he explained and demonstrated a report of picture newspaper. Ig metal district manager and opel supervisory board member armin schild requested an end to speculation and emphasized, the occupational protection has top prioritat.

The newspaper reported on saturday, citing an anonymous insider from a secret strategy of the us parent company general motors, which provide the degradation of 30 percent of the bodies. The applicable work organization could be killed under circumstances with the reference to a threatening insolvency, it is called. The leaf also quoted the supervisory board at opel, stephen girsky, with the words, there is no such secret strategy. The structures at opel had to be smeared, he emphasizes. He also refers to the applicable to 2014 and the negotiations on a deflection of guarantees until 2016. All necessary maws to return to age strong again, "we make in close coordination with the ig metall and the works council".

Opel had announced on thursday to send thousands of employees to the short-time work from september. The crisis car manufacturer reacts to the weak paragraph. Affected are the sites russelsheim, kaiserslautern and eisenach. In the bochum opel plant, short-time work is currently not an ie because of the high demand for the zafira tourer. For ig metal district manager shield, which is also a member of the opel-sichertrat, is the agreed short-time work no sign for a permanent reduction of jobs in the crisis car manufacturer. Short-time work at opel is – as in many other companies, a consequence of the crisis in europe, which had led to a massive rude purchase force. Opel is no case.