The russian ministry of media calls for an internet portal dedicated to the russian language, showing that the days of language standardization are finally over

Anyone who has ever studied russian knows that it is a difficult language. A language in which every name, and even every single digit in the case of high numbers, has to be deciphered is not easy, even for native speakers. Correct reading and writing, that is the meaning of the russian word "gramota" and under this web address you can find since november 2000 the internet portal "russky yasyk" (eng.Russian language) which offers information about the russian language.

Was established "russkiy yasyk" with the support of the russian ministry of media and on the recommendation of the russian commission for the russian language in mass media. This year the language portal was awarded the prize for education and science of the russian internet academy. Gramota.Ru is visited by an average of 300 users a day. That doesn’t look like much, but it’s not bad by russian standards. As the russian minister of communications and information technology leonid reiman pointed out last december at the russian business day in frankfurt. Reported, only about 2.5 million of about 147 million russians were connected to the network in 2000. Telephone density has also only reached a rate of 21.9 percent.

The court ordered the repayment, the music industry clings to the decision of the socialist government to regulate the ie now by law

In spain, a high fee is charged for the purchase of blank cds or dvds at the time of purchase. This is illegal, a court has now ruled, partly because there is no legal provision for it. A private agreement is no basis for this. The supporters of the fee are now clinging to a draft for a new copyright law, with which the fee is to be legally regulated. But this could prove to be a boomerang. The government’s draft also falls far short of the ideas of the authors’ associations to impose a levy on all data carriers, even dsl connections. The opposition is demanding the abolition of the fee, and its bill has already successfully passed the lower house of parliament. Spain is also falling further behind in information technology.

"I order you to reimburse the plaintiff one euro and 72 cents." this was the verdict of the judge in alcala de henares (madrid), who last week ordered the company batch pc to return the sum to a programmer at the university of alcala de henares.

Pentax K-3 Mark III: Classic mirror reflex camera with coarse viewfinder

Ricoh imaging had to move the market launch of his new mirror reflex top model pentax k-3 mark iii again and again. Now the official qualification is there. From april, the aps c camera for a price of just under 2000 euros in the colors black and silver will come to the market.

There is no surprises in the technical data, because the manufacturer had always published disclaimer in recent months. The k-3 iii wants to be a traditional mirror reflex camera, which focuses entirely on the benefits of technology. You belong to the pentax k system, which has been working with the same bayonet for decades. Unlike the two mirror reflex competitors canon and nikon, ricoh imaging parallels does not maintain a mirrorless system (more) in parallel, which was able to dismiss the classic dslr lines in perspective.

Heartstuck the k-3 iii is a coarse prism searcher that offers about 1.05-fold enlargement. The process came here to a factor of 0.95x. These also offer the comparable competition models canon 90d and nikon d7500. For this purpose, ricoh imaging relies on an aps c sensor with a resolution of just under 26 megapixels, which now also provide other competitors in this sensor class. The chip is glazed back-side and flexibly stored on five axes. Thus, the manufacturer does not just effectively compensate for blushes, but also make pixel-shift shots possible to optimize the exploration of the camera or fully exploit. The k-3 iii achieves this by moving the sensor in four directions by a whole pixel.

Photo Fix: Casio Exilim Pro Ex-F1

The casio exilim pro ex-f1 is a voluminous, very mild super zoom camera in the slr-like "bridge"-format with coarse lens tube and extended rubberized battery compartment handle. The 12-fold zoom lens starting with only mabig wide-angled 36 mm kb focal length and ends at 432 mm, offers a large aperture of f / 2.7-4.6 and an indoor focus, it is an exercise in zooming unmoved. This contemplates the use of filters or other optical accessories on the 62 mm thread of the lens. However, casio currently does not have its own filters or lenses in the program. In the front tube area, a wide gummy multifunction rotary ring is embedded, which is either used as a zoom or focus ring or changed the standard formation rate of the camera. In zoom operation, the 32 steps occur only maby fine grading of focal length adjustment, and with fast rotation on the zoom ring, the rotary commands are not transferred 1: 1, but go stuttering partially "lost". The focal length can be changed at any time via the zoom lever at the outer in two speeds – a numerical display in the camera display is supported the focal length selection.

A sensor short mechanism ensures optical image stabilization, optionally the camera can also be more short-free exposure times when motivated motion movements "stabilization" set and lift the iso level.


At the top of the camera, two are only available for about half-occupied functional election prevention. One of them switches between "best shot"-, program, diaphragms or time autoconditions and full-manual exposure adjustment, the other is alone for the various special series image modes of the casio.

The new as5 convertible from the tuner abbot

Kempten, 25. May 2009 – tuner abt has made the new audi a5 cabrio. The result was obtained from the elegant line of the ingolstatter – despite typical abbst features such as the four-tube exhaust system. The barbecue was also modified at the front: the area around the headlights and the fog lamps is also emphasized. Even prussate does the as5 look through a new front-rugged and changed side skirts.

19 or 20 inches of rough rims

The exhaust system fends in fitting in the optics of the exercise vehicle, only the front tinker breaks clearly with the shape language of the series a5. Makes the abbot in front a bit more aggressive. As a rounding out of the performance, the tuner recommends the sweeping br rim in 19 or 20 inches. The allgauer also offer complete wheel sets with high-performance tires.

Four power packages up to 310 hp

There are currently four performance enhancements available: thanks to the optimization of electronic engine management, the 2.0 tfsi instead of standard mabiger 180 or 211 hp after the cure 275 hp. At the 2.7 tdi are made of 190 strong 230 hp. The three liter diesel brings it to 282 hp compared to 240 hp in the series. For the displacement strongest v6 self-cord is also the "abt power s technology" available, in which additional turbocharger is used. 310 hp then ensure for propulsion, with 610 nm torque, it is very powerful. The power is borne by the abt brake system or a special sports brake system.

Netaid spectacle was a success, but donations came almost none

The netaid spectacle, organized jointly by the undp and cisco and featuring many celebrities, which was billed as a "grossest multimedia event in history" was announced, was at least a success in terms of media technology and attention economy. But the willingness of the online community to donate has not been overwhelming.

Fighting hunger on the internet

Sting during the concert in new york

Olympus gives camera shaft of financial investors

The japanese olympus group wants to separate from his traditional camera business after smartphones have surrendered the industry. The division should be supposed by the financial investor japan industrial partners, as companies announced on wednesday.

Kunftig only medical technology

The camera’s camera of olympus was steadily shrunk and finally brought only a good five percent of the economy. Olympus now focuses almost exclusively on medical equipment. The decision to give up camera technology has been made after the area also recorded three business years in succession after harsh refurbishment measures.

Olympus pointed out that the improvement of smartphones to shrink the camera market rapidly. Especially top models, for example, from apple, samsung, huawei or google now offer more and better image quality thanks to the combination of multiple lenses and editing by software.

Not yet on sale: future gadgets

Is this from rolex? No, from lft. And the special wristwatch is intended not only for a single agent, but for all senior fleet officers. Starfleet officers.

James bond became probably zwangslaufig envious: the multi-purpose wristband device r-16 s. But it contains technology at its best.

MARS Helicopter Ingenuity: New flight photos and videos, second planned

The small helicopter ingenuity has reached a high of about three meters in the historic first motorized flight on another planet as planned. Overall, the flight on the mars took 39.1 seconds, of which ingenuity floated 30 seconds quietly over the start and landing place. The slightly more than 64 meters away rover perseverance was able to record the first flight with several cameras and thus gain further data on technology demonstration. While the responsible persons are still busy with the evaluation, they do not want to waste time and leave the mini helicopter again in just a few days.

(source: nasa / jpl-caltech / asu / msss)

Ingenuity had completed a controlled, motor-driven flight on another planet on monday after a day-to-day delay on monday after a day-to-day delay and fulfilled the kuhnsten expectations of nasa. Although mars has only about one third of the gravity of the earth, but the atmosphere is extremely dunn and only comes to about one percent of the prere that prevails over the earth’s surface. For these conditions, ingenuity had to be developed specifically, for example, his rotors turned with more than 2400 revolutions per minute. At the same time, the helicopter could not be controlled directly due to the long signal runtime, but had to act with the existing commands autonomously.

Start-stop systems on the upswing: bosch and valeo celebrate sales successes

Paris. July 2008 – the number of cars with automatic start-stop systems is growing, and looking at the prices at gas stations, you don’t have to be a prophet to predict that the technology will become increasingly widespread. The two major suppliers bosch from germany and valeo from france are currently announcing new sales successes for their respective fuel-saving technologies.

Bosch: 500.000 systems since 2007

Bosch says it has already supplied half a million start-stop systems for bmw and mini since the start of production in 2007. A large proportion of the models there are now equipped with the technology in series production. Bosch estimates that, depending on the vehicle, up to five percent of fuel can be saved in the new european driving cycle (nedc). The company also announced that three other manufacturers have opted for the technology and are planning to start series production in the next few months. In response to our inquiry, bosch spokesman stephan kraus stated only that these were european companies.

Mechanics and electronics

In the bosch system, a more powerful starter and a stronger single-track mechanism ensure that the engine starts quickly. The technology, unlike that of other suppliers, is also suitable for cold-starting diesel engines. The overall system includes, among other things, control software that can be integrated into the respective engine control unit. Also on board are a crankshaft sensor with evaluation electronics and a battery sensor. The latter calculates the current state of charge of the battery and makes the information available to the energy management system.