Bmw: new digital functions for phev

Bmw kundiger on tuesday (25. June 2019) to introduce new digital functions for plug-in hybrid vehicles (phev). From the coming year all phev of the brand bmw seriesmabig should be equipped with the function bmw edrive and the app bmw points.

The bmw edrive program is geared to the case that cities and municipalities declare environmental zones in which only locally free is allowed to go. The vehicle recognizes the zone boundaries due to geo-fencing technology and switches automatically without access to the driver, on purely electrical operating mode. At the exit from the zone, the bmw hybrid vehicle turns back into a combined driving mode of combustion and electric motor.

The app bmw points registers purely electric rides and rewards them with bonus points attributed to the driver. Also for the charge of the battery receives the driver of pramiennezte. The collected points can be changed via the app, for example, in charging current quotas at chargenow. Father is also planned z. B. Free airline at the car-sharing service sharenow or free parking time at parknow or apps at the connected drive store from bmw against the bmw points to exchange.

How a portable digital assistant to look for car

Ronda ringfort, 27, is master’s student at the university siegen in the study program human computer interaction (hci). With her project kiro, she tries to find the future of the ki in the vehicle.

Technology review: ms. Ringfort, you have created the idea of a novel digital assistant as part of your master’s thesis. Who or what is kiro?

Kiro is a companion for car rides to transform them into a positive social experience. Whether it’s a long drive alone, the seashore shuttle to work or a leisure trip, if no one else has time; kiro accompanies the driver (if he liked it) on his ride and depending on the user as an intelligent, communicative, advisory, helpful, fun, inspiring, motivating or imperidescent front passenger and social affairs.

Eruf: porsche carrera with electric drive

Pfaffenhausen, 13. October 2008 – exact numbers are difficult to get, but that powerful lithium-ion batteries can not be cheap, is obvious. So in the tesla roadster over 6000 battery cells are installed, for that you have to laugh at locker 1000 laptops. In may 2007, the marketing chief of tesla in the los angeles times at least elicit the exercise that the price "north of 20.000 $ "is how far in the north, he did not say. But that’s exactly this prize problem makes sports car attractive as an experimental field for electric drives and the expensive energy storage, because there is a few hurts the customer. That may also have thought of the allgauer porsche tuner reputation, which actually wants to bring a porsche 911 with electric drive on the market.

204 elektro-ps in the rear

The contributed to the project gave according to the company information holders alois ruf himself. The busy bayer has some hydroelectric power plants, with which he feeds 35 million kilowatt hours per year into the observational power grid. So why do not drive a sporty car with this clean electricity? As the basis served a porsche 911 carrera. The result acts practically as a conventionally fired pre-facelift-997. Under the sheet, however, the six-cylinder boxer engine had to soften a clearly cleaner technique: a burstless three-phase ac motor sits behind the rear axle differential and provides 150 kw power and 650 newton meter torque for propulsion.

About 300 kilometers range

The electricity for the electric machine is stored in 96 lithium-ion cells derived from the manufacturer axeon. Each of them weighs 5.6 kg, so the whole battery pack makes more than half a ton of weight, which wants to be distributed in the vehicle in the vehicle. A coarse part of the cells is installed in the vehicle rear of the engine, some batteries, however, have squeezed the call developers in the trunk of the elf and thus in front of the front axle, otherwise the weight distribution was probably still tail-heavy than it is the case anyway. In total, the batteries should range from 250 to 320 kilometers driving route. At a treasured life of 3000 charging cycles, the cells had to be after 750.000 to 960.000 kilometers exchanged.