The real “opposite of donald trump,” in his words, is “an asian who likes math”. Democratic presidential candidate andrew yang. Image: cnn. Screenshot: tp

– and then laughed when asked if she ever smoked marijuana.” second round of televised debates between democratic presidential contenders

The second round of democratic televised debates, which cnn news network ran in the heavily shrunken rust belt metropolis of detroit (cf. Life after the impact of the fiscal neutron bomb), was divided into two groups of ten candidates each. In the first group, in which the candidates currently in second and third place in the polls, elizabeth warren and bernie sanders, met, little of note happened in the night from tuesday to wednesday (apart from the fact that the now 77-year-old sanders is increasingly showing his age).

Eruf: porsche carrera with electric drive

Pfaffenhausen, 13. October 2008 – exact numbers are difficult to get, but that powerful lithium-ion batteries can not be cheap, is obvious. So in the tesla roadster over 6000 battery cells are installed, for that you have to laugh at locker 1000 laptops. In may 2007, the marketing chief of tesla in the los angeles times at least elicit the exercise that the price "north of 20.000 $ "is how far in the north, he did not say. But that’s exactly this prize problem makes sports car attractive as an experimental field for electric drives and the expensive energy storage, because there is a few hurts the customer. That may also have thought of the allgauer porsche tuner reputation, which actually wants to bring a porsche 911 with electric drive on the market.

204 elektro-ps in the rear

The contributed to the project gave according to the company information holders alois ruf himself. The busy bayer has some hydroelectric power plants, with which he feeds 35 million kilowatt hours per year into the observational power grid. So why do not drive a sporty car with this clean electricity? As the basis served a porsche 911 carrera. The result acts practically as a conventionally fired pre-facelift-997. Under the sheet, however, the six-cylinder boxer engine had to soften a clearly cleaner technique: a burstless three-phase ac motor sits behind the rear axle differential and provides 150 kw power and 650 newton meter torque for propulsion.

About 300 kilometers range

The electricity for the electric machine is stored in 96 lithium-ion cells derived from the manufacturer axeon. Each of them weighs 5.6 kg, so the whole battery pack makes more than half a ton of weight, which wants to be distributed in the vehicle in the vehicle. A coarse part of the cells is installed in the vehicle rear of the engine, some batteries, however, have squeezed the call developers in the trunk of the elf and thus in front of the front axle, otherwise the weight distribution was probably still tail-heavy than it is the case anyway. In total, the batteries should range from 250 to 320 kilometers driving route. At a treasured life of 3000 charging cycles, the cells had to be after 750.000 to 960.000 kilometers exchanged.

Facebook stamps VR glasses Oculus Go

Facebook will no longer make the oculus go. Only the remainder of the entry-level vr glasses are sold, shared the company in a blog entry. The oculus go will disappear from the store as soon as the remainder is used up.

Now facebook wants to stard to focus on the more expensive and better equipped oculus quest. In contrast to the oculus go comes the quest with six movement axes (6dof). That’s the future of the vr, writes facebook in the blog entry. Vr headsets that like the oculus go only three movement axes, facebook does not want to build anymore.

If you already have an oculus go or ordered one of the last copies, glasses can continue to use without coarse restrictions. Facebook promises security and software updates with bugfixes up to 2022. New features will no longer get the oculus go. From the 4. December 2020 does not allow new apps or app updates more for the store.

According to the contested short-time work at opel, according to the works council, there is no targets to delete each third place in the long term. "That’s just nonsense, a duck," said the chairman of the opel works council, wolfgang scherer-klug, the news agency dpa. "In addition, we contracted, the operational rates expect until the end of 2014 and negotiate at the time with gm and opel over a deflection by 2016," he explained and demonstrated a report of picture newspaper. Ig metal district manager and opel supervisory board member armin schild requested an end to speculation and emphasized, the occupational protection has top prioritat.

The newspaper reported on saturday, citing an anonymous insider from a secret strategy of the us parent company general motors, which provide the degradation of 30 percent of the bodies. The applicable work organization could be killed under circumstances with the reference to a threatening insolvency, it is called. The leaf also quoted the supervisory board at opel, stephen girsky, with the words, there is no such secret strategy. The structures at opel had to be smeared, he emphasizes. He also refers to the applicable to 2014 and the negotiations on a deflection of guarantees until 2016. All necessary maws to return to age strong again, "we make in close coordination with the ig metall and the works council".

Opel had announced on thursday to send thousands of employees to the short-time work from september. The crisis car manufacturer reacts to the weak paragraph. Affected are the sites russelsheim, kaiserslautern and eisenach. In the bochum opel plant, short-time work is currently not an ie because of the high demand for the zafira tourer. For ig metal district manager shield, which is also a member of the opel-sichertrat, is the agreed short-time work no sign for a permanent reduction of jobs in the crisis car manufacturer. Short-time work at opel is – as in many other companies, a consequence of the crisis in europe, which had led to a massive rude purchase force. Opel is no case.

Ride impression: jaguar xe sv project 8

When jaguar announced to develop the fastest limousine in the world, one was allowed to take note of this in munchen, stuttgart-unterturkheim and ingolstadt with a certain serenity. When it turned out that the car, which wanted to attack the mercedes amg c63s, the audi rs4 and the bmw m3s, should be based on the jaguar xe, the mood was allowed to illuminated. Finally, the british middle class sedan is not just as a ballot to agility.

The sacrificed mood must have found an end as the jaguar xe sv project 8 is a time of 7.21,23 has reached on the nordschleife of nurburgring. "Our goal was first to beat the bmw m4 gts. When that was achieved, we wanted to make the p8 just as fast as possible, "paid jaguar technician phil talboys. Simply pack the funfliter v8 compressor motor (441 kw / 600 hp at 6500 / min and a torque of 700 nm between 3500 and 5000 / min) under the bonnet and a powerful spoiler on the rear – so it is not done, because with straight bolt is not wins a flowerpot in europe.


The chassis gets as well as play-free double querlin connectivity of the steering knuckles via ball joints (so-called "zero-clearance joints") that eliminates unwanted movement. Extremely resilient hybrid wheel bearing with rings made of bearing steel and walzcarders made of silicon nitride. Also ceramic are the front brake discs with 400 mm diameter in front and 396 mm rear. The front brake caliper works with six brake flasks, yet the brake system reduces the unsprung masses by 18 kg and thus contributes significantly to good land liability. The body can be manually lowered by 15 millimeters.