What is the origin of the phenomenon that individuals incapable of reproduction survive in an ant or bee colony??

When charles darwin developed his theory on the origin of species, ant and bee colonies were initially a thorn in his side. In the first edition of the "origin of species" he even admitted this: an individual that cannot reproduce reduces its fitness to zero in darwin’s model and was therefore no longer allowed to play a role in evolution. Of course, the naturalist could not miss the insect states – so he resorted to the amption that close-knit family ties could play a role. In addition, the advantages of a common food procurement and defense were obvious for him, too.

The phenomenon that some animal species go so far in their division of labor as to leave sexual reproduction to a few specimens is called eusociality. Depending on how broadly one understands the term, not only some insects belong to the eusocial creatures: even naked mole rats (see naked mole rats: africa’s wild wights) live in a community ruled by a queen.

Code Week 2020: Finally learning to program

The european initiative "code week" was initiated by a consultant * inner group of the early eu commissioner for digital agenda, neelie kroes,. Since then, it has been carried out on all over europe by volunteer ambassadors. In the context of the initiative, which is required by the european union, events will take place, which should enable all population groups to acquire knowledge in the coding.

The development of the code week

Code Week 2020: Finally learning to program

from 2018, the number of participants rose strongly,

The initiative is aimed primarily in schulerinnen, schuler and laudulphant – school form and subject do not play a role. The prerequisites for participation as event providers * are deliberately kept low threshold. On the website is encouraged to offer an event even if you are not sure of its previous knowledge. A variety of resources of the initiative itself should provide support in this case.

Photo Fix: Casio Exilim Pro Ex-F1

The casio exilim pro ex-f1 is a voluminous, very mild super zoom camera in the slr-like "bridge"-format with coarse lens tube and extended rubberized battery compartment handle. The 12-fold zoom lens starting with only mabig wide-angled 36 mm kb focal length and ends at 432 mm, offers a large aperture of f / 2.7-4.6 and an indoor focus, it is an exercise in zooming unmoved. This contemplates the use of filters or other optical accessories on the 62 mm thread of the lens. However, casio currently does not have its own filters or lenses in the program. In the front tube area, a wide gummy multifunction rotary ring is embedded, which is either used as a zoom or focus ring or changed the standard formation rate of the camera. In zoom operation, the 32 steps occur only maby fine grading of focal length adjustment, and with fast rotation on the zoom ring, the rotary commands are not transferred 1: 1, but go stuttering partially "lost". The focal length can be changed at any time via the zoom lever at the outer in two speeds – a numerical display in the camera display is supported the focal length selection.

A sensor short mechanism ensures optical image stabilization, optionally the camera can also be more short-free exposure times when motivated motion movements "stabilization" set and lift the iso level.


At the top of the camera, two are only available for about half-occupied functional election prevention. One of them switches between "best shot"-, program, diaphragms or time autoconditions and full-manual exposure adjustment, the other is alone for the various special series image modes of the casio.

Delivery hero looks optimistic in the future

A good start to the current business year is the delivery service delivery hero optimistic for 2021. Therefore, management wants to pay annual turnover compared to € 6.1 to 6.6 billion compared to the previous year, as the dax listed in the dax announced on wednesday in berlin. Delivery hero also benefits from a beginning of marz completion.

Next red numbers

On a comparable basis, the group expects sales growth of up to almost 90 percent. The gross value (gmv) should also be more than twice as rough with 31 to 34 billion euros as a year ago. On a comparable basis – including the supersomed sudkorean company woowa – had the gross wave value last year at just under 22 billion euros.

Operatively, delivery hero will continue to write red numbers. The executive board expects a margin based on adjusted earnings before interest, taxes and depreciation (ebitda) from minus 1.5 to minus 2 percent.

Giant screen for Gaming: Player rent empty cinemas

The large cinema operator in sudkorea, cgv, rented his sale since the beginning of the year by the hour. In the us, the kinokette malco offers the gamers their canine since november previous year. While this is not profitable, but reduces the losses resulting from the coronvirus pandemia and the outgoing notes.

In sudkorea, up to four players can rent a cinema room at cgv. 6 pm cost two hours over 74 euros. In the evening, the price increases to 111 euros. The players must bring their game consoles, games and controllers. Most customers are manner at the age of 30 to 50 years, but also families use this offer.

New movies were more profitable, but they do not appear

The offered cinemas are actually designed for 100 to 200 people. In korea, cinemosale can only be charged to half due to the pandemic only to half. In normal cinema prices of just under 10 euros, a film advance is significantly more profitable, especially taking into account the good-to-drink and popcorn. However, the covid time hardly new high-cared cinema films appear as a crowd blood. Thus, the cinemas usually remain empty.

Bmw again under suspicion of exhaust gas manipulation

According to a report, bmw is suspected of suspicion of exhaust manipulation in cars of the 5er and 7 series with six-cylinder motorizations. A group speaker shared with, the 11.700 affected vehicles had been misused four years ago with a false software for engine control. I have noticed the error in internal tests and immediately informs the federal office federal office (kba).

Previously, on friday, the 23. February 2018, the news magazine mirrors reports that the inconsistency at the control system was noticed in a sampling control. The author is already buying approved cars at handlers. When the planned sample has become known at the automaker, "bmw wanted to make a service on the car before the examination". That’s how the mirrors a civil servant from circles.

According to bmw, the engine controls with which the cars were delivered to the production start of 2012 were first recorded later with the wrong code in the course of an update. Bmw wants to resumble the affected vehicles as part of a jerk. The approval of this procedure is now in the hands of the kba. If the wrong software is classified as an illegal attempt of exhaust manipulation, according to volkswagen with its brands porsche and audi and daimler against another german automaker was determined.

For hunters and collectors: land rover defender blaser edition

Schwalbach, 23. January 2012 – the land rover defender was once designed for agriculture, but in its more than 60 years of construction it has also served many a hunter and collector. For the former, the manufacturer is now launching a special model in cooperation with the hunting rifle manufacturer blaser. And because the "blaser edition" is built only in a small number of pieces, it is also interesting for unarmed collectors.

Safe for hunting rifle and ammunition

The special edition is based on the defender 110 station wagon se. A key feature of the special model is a gun safe in the trunk. The safety cabinet has a telescopic drawer in the lower part for storing hunting utensils and ammunition. Above this is a weapon compartment of safety level a, which can accommodate a maximum of five weapons up to 1230 millimeters in length. A luggage guard separates the rear compartment from the passenger compartment. Black checker plate on the body and a front guard protect the body when driving through terrain. Additional luggage can be carried on the roof rack.

122 hp turbo diesel engine

Other features include auxiliary headlights and work lights on the roof edge, as well as a ball-and-mouth trailer hitch. An electric winch with more than four tons of pulling force is standard on board. Heavy-duty hd steel rims, abs and electronic traction control make the off-roader particularly suitable for landings. Thanks to a raised air intake, the defender can drive through water 50 centimeters deep. For propulsion provides a 2.2 liter coarse turbo diesel with 122 hp and 360 nm maximum torque.

The new as5 convertible from the tuner abbot

Kempten, 25. May 2009 – tuner abt has made the new audi a5 cabrio. The result was obtained from the elegant line of the ingolstatter – despite typical abbst features such as the four-tube exhaust system. The barbecue was also modified at the front: the area around the headlights and the fog lamps is also emphasized. Even prussate does the as5 look through a new front-rugged and changed side skirts.

19 or 20 inches of rough rims

The exhaust system fends in fitting in the optics of the exercise vehicle, only the front tinker breaks clearly with the shape language of the series a5. Makes the abbot in front a bit more aggressive. As a rounding out of the performance, the tuner recommends the sweeping br rim in 19 or 20 inches. The allgauer also offer complete wheel sets with high-performance tires.

Four power packages up to 310 hp

There are currently four performance enhancements available: thanks to the optimization of electronic engine management, the 2.0 tfsi instead of standard mabiger 180 or 211 hp after the cure 275 hp. At the 2.7 tdi are made of 190 strong 230 hp. The three liter diesel brings it to 282 hp compared to 240 hp in the series. For the displacement strongest v6 self-cord is also the "abt power s technology" available, in which additional turbocharger is used. 310 hp then ensure for propulsion, with 610 nm torque, it is very powerful. The power is borne by the abt brake system or a special sports brake system.

AMD-Ryzen Combi Processors: B550 mainboards with HDMI 2.1

Amds coming combi processors of the series ryzen 4000g alias renoir could for the first time the connection standard hdmi 2.1 bring to the pc area. The two manufacturers gigabyte and msi show the first motherboards with b550 chipset, where televisions over hdmi 2.1 leten – provided a suitable combination processor.

AMD-Ryzen Combi Processors: B550 mainboards with HDMI 2.1

With ryzen 4000g, amd should bring the first ryzen-7 combi processor – that of that eight cpu cores of the silicon chip.

Gigabyte has already set his product pages to the b550 motherboards online, msi so far only a surprise side (hdmi 2.1 is noted in the press release). Ryzen 4000g represents the desktop sister series to the mobile rows of ryzen 4000u and ryzen 4000h, the amd’s publication scheme seemed to appear following months in the coming months. The website videocardz showed a picture of an alleged ryzen 7 4700g.

Netaid spectacle was a success, but donations came almost none

The netaid spectacle, organized jointly by the undp and cisco and featuring many celebrities, which was billed as a "grossest multimedia event in history" was announced, was at least a success in terms of media technology and attention economy. But the willingness of the online community to donate has not been overwhelming.

Fighting hunger on the internet

Sting during the concert in new york